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After an excellent lengthy career as a Secondary School Teacher, Counsellor and Administrator, I studied Mortgage financing and received my license in 2000. Since then I have been successful with arranging over $600,000,000 in mortgages and have assisted over 1250 customers.
I am a highly skilled negotiator who always keeps my customers interest as a major priority. My main goal has been to advise clients and make their Mortgage Financing experience to be as smooth and easy as possible.
Of course, I attempt to, and do, save them money! It is true that the best mortgage rate is important but so is choosing the right Lender and the right product. Mortgagors need the flexibility and the confidence that they get all of the benefits that a Lender has to offer for each individual situation.
For a common sense, friendly and thorough process to Mortgage Financing, please call me. I will exceed your expectations. Your next mortgage search will be the best financing experience of your life!

Rick Brushett

Rick Brushett

Mortgage Agent

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